Express visit to Lake Titicaca ‘The highest navigable lake in the world’

On a Wednesday morning, I set out on my way to Puno, on a comfortable bus and in the company of a knowledgeable guide, Marita. The ride from Cusco to Puno is several hours long, but luckily we made several stops along the way, which allowed us to stretch our legs and to visit interesting places, such as Andahuaylillas and its precious church, also known as the South American Sixtine Chappel (true story).

isla del sol 2

The next day, I set out for Bolivia, crossed the border and, after some wandering around, I stepped on board the 20 bedroom catamaran that would be my abode for the next nights and from which we would explore the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca. The not-so-big-but-very-comfortable boat, with lobby, bar and dining room, was well equipped and quite cozy. Also, it was just for 22 people, so it was easy to find company without the feeling of being crowded.

I must say the highlight of my trip were the spectacular views we enjoyed on the boat while touring Lake Titicaca. The itinerary was fantastic and there was very a peaceful mood; we were surrounded by nature and mysticism. Very pleasant surprises were the botanical garden and the Yumani museum on the Island of the Sun, which offered very interesting information on local folklore and archeology.

isla del sol 7

Though short, I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure on Lake Titicaca and I have to mention, tough a bit sad because my trip was ending, the bus ride back was excellent. The bus, which left at 10pm and arrived to Cusco early in the morning, was probably the best bus I have ever been on: each seat was very spacious and it was almost like travelling in private spaces since there were curtains that separated every seat, I do not think I have ever slept on a bus as comfortably as this time and it sure is the first time I praise a bus when talking about my vacations…

Yesenia Mamami / Sofía Odello