Incan Wedding and Community of Amaru

Two travelers from the United States who came to visit Peru in April had been renewing the promise of marriage, their wedding vows, all over the world. This is the story of their Peruvian wedding.

Incan Wedding

Taking place in the small community of Amaru, located aloft in the Andes, we had the honor to be part of a very traditional ceremony, celebrated for hundreds of years.

When the wedding couple in traditional dress arrived at the small accumulation of houses surrounded by the impressive nature of the Andes, they were greeted with a rain of beautiful flowers. They were introduced to their godfather and godmother who accompanied them through the ceremony. The whole community followed the couple to the main house and the grandfathers spoke some warm words in the old language of the Incas, Quechua.

Following the ceremony everyone sat down to enjoy a delicious variety of potatoes and corn that was served with a traditional spicy sauce and a hot coca tea.
After the meal the women threw petals on the heads of the whole wedding society, and the bridal couple was invited to sit down in the middle of the room to receive the blessing of the shaman. As a tribute to mother earth, coca leaves, flowers and crops which were part of the ceremony, were buried outside the house and will always remind of the couple of being married in the community that day.

Incan Wedding

Then the party began. Everyone danced and sang to the sound of the traditional instruments and the room was full of joy and happiness.

To give more travelers the opportunity to be part of this unique experience, we decided to include this tour in our itinerary of private Peru tours. We want to give every visitor the chance to experience authentic culture besides the Machu Picchu visit.